The Sacred Pushkar

Festival Experience 2017

At The Sacred Pushkar, let the mantra of music, meditation and yoga guide you through the portal of consciousness that can be calm as the water in the Pushkar Lake and melodious as the wind over the desert around.


Blissful days begin with a great start. The seamless combination of music, meditation and yoga at the revered Pushkar lake surrounded by 52 ghats and over 400 temples, is at the core of the poignant Sacred Morning experience.

At The Sacred Pushkar, our experienced practitioners will conduct morning yoga and meditation sessions, reoriented to suit our modern needs and lifestyle.

Sacred Pushkar Mornings will be made even more special with chants, melodious singers and rhythmic musician.

Sacred Morning
Sacred Morning


With the growing curiosity and faith in organic produce, the festival will also promote traditionally clean, natural foods by dedicating a space for organic produce sellers from all over to sell chemicals-free products.

This haat/market/ will include interactive spaces for the participants to learn traditional and healthy recipes and buy directly from a range of products from the producers and vendors.


After enjoying an eventful day, brace for the crisp Pushkar evenings with the starlit sky and some captivating music.

One of the most enchanting things about Pushkar is its glorious sunset. The orange rays of the setting sun dance on the sparkling water of Pushkar Lake, made even more ethereal by the accompanying melody and rhythm of the festival music or the sonorous chants of Arti on the Jaipur Ghat