Reinvent Your Vacation This Winter

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The music festival `The Sacred Pushkar’ by Teamwork Arts, offers a unique and holistic touristic experience.

Pushkar in Rajasthan is one of the oldest towns in India and so also in the world. The Sacred Pushkar celebrates this ancient desert town and spiritual centre with a range of activities designed to invoke your `inner divine’. The festival now in its second year, is a diverse and eclectic mix of spiritual music, heritage walks, food sampling, yoga and some interesting workshops.

Different traditions of sacred music — folk, Sufi, instrumental, devotional and acapella during the festival become the medium for positive energy. Renowned national and international names such as Daler Mehendi, Shobha Virmani, Byambajargal (Mongolia), Nathuram Solanki and the Soil (South Africa) are part of the experience.

Pushkar lake, surrounded by 52 ghats and over 400 temples, is at the core of this poignant experience. Imagine yourself at the spectacular Maha Aartiperformed on the ghats against the pink hued winter evening sky. To extend this magical experience, the Maha Aarti will be followed by the Sacred Evening Music programme featuring singers Gundecha Bothers and percussionist Pandit Bhawani Shankar.

The festival has its roots in openness, accessibility and inclusiveness. The programme is designed to draw the active participation of the visitors to make it a rejuvenating experience. So, walks through the winding lanes of this colourful desert town unveil its rich architectural, culinary and handicrafts’ heritage. The walks include the music processions to discover the secrets of the old Rangi temple, the rare Brahma temple, the 120 lingams of the Gwalior ghat, awakening of the old stones of the Varah ghat through local music such as brass bands, Chennai instrument, bhajans, and nagaras. Top it with the earthy flavours of delectable melt-in-your mouth maalpuas, chaat, kachoris, malai-mar-ke (topped with cream) lassi and raabdi. A `must do’ in the desert town is a camel ride — in the awe inspiring sand dunes in the cool weather and returning to a finale with a great line up of national and international stars delighting the audience with their outstanding music under the stars.

Visualising festivals like the Sacred Pushkar is significant to the survival of our artistic traditions. The arts create both tangible and intangible wealth and need support from society and corporate houses in order to be nurtured. Teamwork Arts with is strong commitment to promoting Indian arts and artists is in forefront of curating rich cultural experiences for audiences across the globe through its mix of both classical and contemporary offerings of dance, music, theatre, food and much more.

Sacred Pushkar promises to take your soul on a holiday and reinterpret your being. In the process, we and you will keep the artistic traditions and practices of our common heritage alive.