The Sacred: Different strands of music for the spirit

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‘Music in the soul can be heard by the universe’- Lao Tzu
Music transcends language, culture and religions. Music can almost magically transform our emotions. Music helps us to connect with ourselves and others. The universe is alive with natural sounds and rhythms; our breathing, our heartbeat, birdsong, the crashing of waves and the whisper of a breeze. Om chanting is the most basic form of spiritual music as it resonates at nature’s own frequency. But musical paths to enlightenment needn’t be limited to chanting, singing hymns or bhajans or listening to devotional music. The extensive experimentation in musical field gives us a taste of diverse musical genres and a chance to experience new ways of connecting through music.

‘Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.’- Victor Hugo
‘The Sacred’ is the festival which empowers us to connect better to ourselves and others and whilst developing our spirituality. The Sacred is a fusion of music, yoga and meditation. Teamwork Arts have thoughtfully selected different strands of uplifting music to create positive energy, evoke an enlightening atmosphere, and optimise the spiritual ambiance at Pushkar.

The Sacred 2016 programme brings together an innovative range of music for the soul. Teamwork Art’s impressive line-up includes The Gundecha Brothers who have enthralled audiences around the world with their dhrupad music. Dhrupad originates from the ancient temples and is India’s oldest form of classical music. The Gundecha Brothers communicate to their listeners by invoking an atmosphere of peaceful contemplation through their music.

Acapella is also on the menu at the sacred. The Soil, is an acapella group from South Africa. The singers consider themselves to be mediums for delivering messages they receive through song. The Soil aspires to uplift the soul and heal through the power of sound alone. The group Soil has no instrumental accompaniment; they use their vocal chords expertly to create instrumental sounds. Vocal Rasta is a New Delhi based acapella group that will also be performing at The Sacred.

Sufi music has gained popularity in the west. The pop Diva Madonna has recited Rumi poems to music and the new age guru Deepak Chopra has embraced Sufi music too. Sufis believe music is a powerful medium for connecting with the heart and moving closer to God. Sufi poets such as Amir Khusro and Rumi have inspired music ranging from qawalis to whirling dervish music. The free spirited Bengali singer, ParvathyBaul will be mesmerising Pushkar with her unique fusion of Baul and Sufi music.

‘Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.’- Beethoven
I am certain that at times music has tugged at your heart, or has put you in a reflective mood about the meaning of life. What are your thoughts on different strands of music and spirituality? Is there any music that has healed your soul or had a profound effect on you? Let us know which kind of music you connect with.

– Julie Al-zoubi