Saumya Kulshrestha

In Amrita and Imroz lives on an immortal tale of love which was gentle, compassionate and devoted. In this performance, revisit this timeless love story through words, verses and letters penned by the two great artists, whose lives dissolved into each other. Amrita Pritam, who passed away in 2005, lived on through Imroz. And Imroz, who passed away in 2023, lives on through Amrita's immortal nazm - Main Tainu Phir Milangi. This poem, and more, shall be explored by Saumya Kulshreshtha, in a musical narrative, accompanied by Harish Budhwani.



Saumya Kulshreshtha 

Saumya is a writer, poet, educator and communications specialist. In workshops, courses and performances organised over the past many years, she has evangelised poetry as an art form that everyone can understand and relate with. She engages with Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi and English poetry and crafts narratives around classic poems which are easy to comprehend, while also helping unearth lesser-known poets who have left literary imprints. Saumya also teaches communications to school and college students, helps agencies craft strategies, and manages her homestay in Bir.

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