16th - 17th December, 2017 Pushkar



‘Shree Cement The Sacred Pushkar - a festival of music, yoga and meditation ’ celebrates the ethereal charm of Pushkar with a range of activities designed to immerse you in a soulful experience.


  • 10th Dec, 2016
  • Jaipur Ghat
  • 10th Dec, 2016
  • Jaipur Ghat
  • 11th Dec, 2016
  • Jaipur Ghat
  • 10th Dec, 2016
  • Jaipur Ghat

10th & 11th December, 2016

Heritage & Food Walk

Pushkar, textured with the myth and meditation is known for its rich cultural heritage. The Heritage Walk, significant to your `Sacred’ festival experience, is designed for you to experience Pushkar’s diverse religious, architectural, culinary and handicrafts’ heritage.

So come forth and walk through the winding lanes of this colourful desert town; unveil its rich cultural legacy and be captivated by a delightful and deeply satisfying sacred experience.

The cultural spread of Pushkar comprises of over 500 temples and 52 ghats which express the hum of its sacred nature. The exquisite crafts and scrumptious delicacies add an artistic flavor in the town of Pushkar.


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The Sacred began in Pushkar with enthralling performances who set the mood for the three-day fest against the magical backdrop of the lake….Offering a unique musical treat to the attendees, an enthralling performance by renowned nagara player Nathu Lal Solanki accompanied by 52 other nagara players creating a powerful percussive rhythm … Under the magical moon Mudgal’s powerful voice mesmerised the audience sitting in rapt attention throughout her performance.


The audience were spellbound by the blend of sufi, Rajasthani and Hindustani classical music. Here the idea was to organize a programme that would cross religious boundaries.


The Pushkar religious fair is witnessing unique synthesis of traditional Hindu, rituals with sufi melodies as besides aarti and “deep daans” one could hear soulful sufi numbers being belted out by noted singer Kailash Kher.

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